Air Quality Testing in Ontario

Safe Guard Solutions inspects all the major areas to make your home safe. Here are the areas you can count on us to inspect:

  • Mould Testing
  • Radon Testing
  • Air Quality inspections
  • Water testing

Living a healthy lifestyle nowadays is important for our families. This includes many things, but among the most important is our home. It has to start here because this is where we raise our children, spend most of our time, and not to mention it is the biggest investment of our lives. A healthy home has many different components, and among them are indoor climate (ventilation), environmental qualities (soil gases, radon, water quality), and Electromagnetic Radiation Control. In our homes, we need to control dust, bacteria, viruses, and well-designed ventilation throughout the home really helps to improve all of these things. This can be done by using a better HEPA air filter for your furnace as well as making sure to regularly keep the home free of dust as much as possible

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