EMF Paint in Canada

YShield HSF54 Paint

There is a new threat that not a lot of people know about with 5G coming into our lives. It exposes us to a whole new level of radiation at a much closer distance to our homes. With 4G/LTE, the radiation was much further in the distance, and not nearly as dangerous. However, 5G brings that threat to our doorsteps with the small cell antennas on street poles, and on rooftops of the buildings nearby. The major concern here is the radiation that comes off the HF RF signals. The most effective way of shielding from this is with an EMF Paint. The paint acts as a shield reflecting the RF Signals away from your home. Installation requires a primer paint ahead of the EMF Paint, as well as two coats of a water-based topcoat in between. Also required is grounding as the EMF paint is conductive. The grounding is done as a safety component and is a mandatory part of the project.

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