Serving Toronto & GTA – We provide EMF Protection in Toronto, & Inspection, Testing,
Air Quality Services, and More:

  • Residential EMF Home Inspection in Canada

    Residential EMF Home Inspection in Canada

    High Frequency Radio Frequencies: Radio Frequencies are measured in micro-watts per sq cm. These frequencies are difficult to detect as they move at the speed of light and are only visible with an EMF meter. Found in both inside/outside sources: External sources include: Internal sources include: Dirty Electricity Common Sources Include: Measured in GS Electric…

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  • Commercial Office EMF Inspections

    Commercial Office EMF Inspections

    Commercial Building Inspection Toronto Full Mitigation Plan We work to identify the source causing the EMR and come up with a mitigation plan. Source identification is what we specialize in. Mitigation plan includes source identification, and a detailed plan on how to lower levels to Building Biology Standards. What you can expect from us after…

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  • Body Voltage Tester (Measure Body Voltage)

    Body Voltage Tester (Measure Body Voltage)

    We measure body voltage with body voltage testers to demonstrate the effect that stray electric fields have on our bodies. Body voltage measurements demonstrate especially well how the potential field exposure relates to a specific person, responding to even the smallest electric field levels. We measure using a true RMS digital voltmeter capable of measuring…

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Certified Home Inspector in Ontario

Here at Safe Guard Solutions we believe in keeping your family safe from the invisible, but very toxic pollutants that are commonly found in and around your home. These can be man made pollutants as well as natural. It is our passion to aid and help those in need.

We believe that because these toxins are invisible it makes them even more dangerous. We cannot see, touch, or feel them. The only way to determine the toxicity is with an EMF meter. This is what we specialize in. We are a trained, educated, and experienced team dedicated to finding the sources, and eliminating/reducing  them to provide leading EMF protection in Toronto.

We use state of the art equipment to detect and eliminate the four major areas of EMF. We start with a detailed walk of the inside, and outside of your home. From there we identify sources and come up with a detailed plan on how to eliminate and shield your home. You will be provided with a complete and detailed Inspection Report.

Our education, and training is with the finest institute in North America, The Building Biology Institute. It was there that we completed hands on, and theory-based training in how to create a healthy home as certified home inspectors in Ontario.

Ontario EMF Protection Services

  • Residential EMF Inspections
  • Commercial Office EMF Inspections
  • Body Voltage Inspections
  • Air Quality Testing
  • Presale Home Inspections
  • EMF And Healthy Home Phone And Video Consultation Services
  • EMF Shielding Paint

EMF Protection Locations in Canada

  • Toronto
  • Mississauga
  • Burlington
  • Hamilton
  • Oshawa
  • Barrie
  • Aurora
  • Vaughan