Body Voltage Tester (Measure Body Voltage)

We measure body voltage with body voltage testers to demonstrate the effect that stray electric fields have on our bodies. Body voltage measurements demonstrate especially well how the potential field exposure relates to a specific person, responding to even the smallest electric field levels. We measure using a true RMS digital voltmeter capable of measuring to millivolts (mV) with a 10 mega-ohm input impedance.

Body Voltage Kit

Some of the most common sources in our living environment that are causing high levels of body voltage are lamps, heating pads, alarm clocks, Power cords, cell phone chargers, wiring in the walls, and even heaters. With these sources, we suggest keeping at a minimum of 5 feet away from your bedside.

Body voltage testing is highly suggested to anyone who is suffering from insomnia, sleep deprivation, depression, concentration difficulties, and fatigue. The body voltage testing meter allows us to see what your body voltage is in millivolts per meter.  Electric field voltage will decrease with distance.

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